Open AI ChatGPT Integration

This feature helps you to integrate the Open AI ChatGPT that helps you to create a course with an AI.

Setup and Configuration

Adding an OpenAI API key

Go to the following location to enable the OpenAI ChatGPT Integration.

Masteriyo > Settings > Advanced > AI Integrations


You will need to create an Open API key to use this feature. Follow the steps below to create the key.

  1. Go to OpenAI API Page
  2. Log in with your account.
  3. Click on Create new secret key.


Once the key is created, you can copy the key and add it to the AI Inegration settings in the Masteriyo.

Integrating ChatGPT with Masteriyo

Once you have added the OpenAI API key, you can now create course with the help of an AI. Go to the following location.

Masteriyo > courses

Here, on the top-right, click on the Create with AI.


Now, you will get the following popup from where you can create a course with the AI.


  • Course Title - Provide a title for the course you want to create.

  • Course Idea - Write an idea for the course so that the AI can generate the course accordingly.

  • Course Structure and Options

    • Number of Sections - Determine how many sections you want on the course.
    • Number of Lessons - Determine how many lessons you want in each sections.
    • Create course outline only - If you enable this option, it creates a course with sections containing lesson titles only. It won't provide detailed content for each lessons.

    If you disable this option, you will get a few more options. They are as below:


    • Course Highlight points - Set how many points you want to add for the highlighted points of a course.
    • Lession Description Paragraphs - Set how many paragraphs you want to include in the lesson's description.

    At last, you can select whether to create quiz in each section, in the last section or don't create quiz at all. If you select to create the quiz, you can set number of quizzes and questions per quizzes.


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Last edited on December 07, 2023.
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