SCORM Compliant

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Compliant, add-on for Masteriyo, is engineered to facilitate a smoother learning experience by enabling interoperability, reusability, and scalability of e-learning content across various platforms and devices. By embracing SCORM standards, this add-on ensures that your digital learning materials are more accessible and easily trackable, providing insights into learner progress and performance. This documentation section will guide you through the installation, configuration, and utilization of the SCORM Compliant add-on for Masteriyo, ensuring you can leverage its full potential to elevate your e-learning offerings.

Setup and Configuration

How to add SCORM Package?

  • Go to Masteriyo > Courses.
  • Add a new Course. Provide the course's name and click on Next.

You will then see the option to import the SCORM package.

Importing SCORM Package


Please make sure you have a SCORM package file. Now, click on Import SCORM. Choose a file and import.


After the import, you can Delete the package if you need to import another.

You can then choose the required settings for the courses from the Settings tab. The settings are for the course overall and not for the SCORM package. After setting up the course, click on Update.

Now the students can purchase(if not free) and enroll in the course.

To view the SCORM course in frontend, go to the courses page > click on the required course, and start the course.


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Last edited on July 15, 2024.
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