Lemon Squeezy Integration

This add-on allows you to connect your Masteriyo courses with Lemon Squeezy, a platform for managing and selling digital products. In simpler terms, with this add-on, you can sell your Masteriyo courses through Lemon Squeezy.


  1. Masteriyo LMS
  2. Lemon Squeezy Add-on

Setup and Configuration

Once you have activated the Lemon Squeezy add-on, go to:

Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy


Now, enable the Lemon Squeezy payment to configure the required details. You will required the following to integrate the Lemon Squeezy payments for the Masteriyo.

  • Store ID
  • Product Variant ID
  • API Key
  • Webhook Secret

How to get and use the Lemon Squeezy store and Product Variant ID?

For, Store ID:

  • Go to Settings > Store
  • You will find the Store ID in the Store section.


  • Copy the Store ID and add it on the Store ID option at Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy.

For Product ID

  • Go to Store > Products
  • Find the required product and click on ⚫⚫⚫ button.
  • Click on Copy Variant ID. Remember, this is important.


  • Add this Product ID to a course from Masteriyo > Courses > Choose the course > Settings > Lemon Squeezy.
  • Click Update.


How to get the API Key from Lemon Squeezy and use it?

Once you are logged in to your Lemon Squeezy account, go to Settings > API


  • Click on the + button to generate an API key.
  • Provide a name for the key and click on Create API Key.
  • Copy the created API key.

Now, you will need to add this API key to the Masteriyo plugin.

  • Go to Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy.
  • Paste the API key in the given API Key option.

How to create a Webhook Secret?

In your Lemon Squeezy account, go to:

Settings > Webhooks

  • Click on + sign to create a new Webhook.


  • On the Callback URL, you will need to paste the callback URL generated by the Masteriyo plugin. You will find this at Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy > Webhook URL.
  • Give a signing secret. This will be used in the Masteriyo's Lemon Squeezy settings.
  • Check order_created and order_refunded.
  • Also, check other updates you want to be sent and click on Save Webhook.

Now, go to Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy > Webhook Secret and paste the signing secret you just created.

After you add all of these credentials on the Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Lemon Squeezy, click on *Save Settings. Now, the integration is done successfully. The students can pay for the courses via Lemon Squeezy.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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