Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing helps you to effortlessly set up and customize revenue sharing agreements with instructors, providing a fair and transparent way to reward their hard work and dedications.


  1. Masteriyo Plugins
  2. Revenue Sharing Add-on

Setup and Configuration


  • Go to Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Revenue Sharing.
  • Toggle the Enable button.
  • Configue the following and click on Save Settings.
  1. Admin Commison Rate - Percentage retained by the admin/platform from course sales.
  2. Instructor Commison Rate - Percentage paid to instructors from course sales.
  3. Enable Deduction Fee - The course creator can allocate some price to be deducted from the total price if you enable this option. Now, the new total price will be the Sales Price - Deduction Fee. The admin, instructor etc will get their share from the new total price.
  4. Minimum Payout Amount - Set the minimum amount that the creator should withdraw.
  5. Maturity Period - Specify the number of days the sales amount should remain on the account in order to withdraw it. If you set it as 1 day, the instructors will be able to withdraw the money afer one day of the sales.
  6. Payout Methods - Select the payout methods from the lists of Paypal, E-Check, Bank Account. The instructors can select any one of these mehtods for withdrawal.

Once you want set these up, the revenue sharing will be enabled and the instructors will be able to get a certain percentage of the total sales as a reward for their dedication towards your business. They can withdraw the money from their Account > Withdraw.


Note: The withdrawal amount on the above image is 0 due to the maturity period.

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Last edited on July 15, 2024.
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