Group Course

Group Course add-on enables the allocation of courses to a collective audience and facilitates the commercial sale of these educational programs to organizations, as an example.

Setup and Configuration

Adding Groups


To add a new group, go to the following location.

Masteriyo > Groups > Add New Group

Provide the necessary details for the group you are creating. This details include name, description, author and email.


Now, click on Publish. Your group is now created.

Group settings

Click on Settings to manage various options for the group you create.


The settings include the following options.

  • Maximum Members - The total number of users that the group can hold. Leaving this empty means that the group can have unlimited members.
  • Deactivate Enrollment on Status Change - Enable this option to automatically deactivate the enrollment status of the members when the group status changes. The group status includes trashed, deleted or drafted. This also reactivates the enrollment upon restoration.
  • Deactivate Enrollment on Member Change - Enable this option to deactivate the enrollment status of the member who is removed from the group.

Group Pricing in a Course

You can set a discounted price for a course if the learners want to enroll in group. For this, go to the Course Editor > Settings > Pricing.


Here, you will see the Group Course options. From here, set the maximum number of people to enroll in the group and the total price for the course.

Group Checkout

Now, the learners can purchase this course for a group of allocated number of people. While purchasing for a group, the learners can enroll to any available groups or create their own group.


To create a group during checkout, click on 'Create a group'.


Now, the learners will be redirected to their account page from where they can create a group and add their desired members.


Note: The learners can add a group from their account in general. This is not only limited to purchasing the course.

Then, go back to checkout page and on the group checkout popup, you will find an option called 'Sync Group(s)'. Click on this option to sync the latest groups you have created.


Select the desired group and proceed to checkout. Those users who are enrolled in the group will receive an email confirming the registration in case of a new user and an email to reset the password.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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