Migration Tool

Effortlessly migrate data from various LMS platforms to Masteriyo with the Masteriyo Migration Tool.


  1. Masteriyo LMS
  2. Migration Tool Add-on

Setup and Configuration

Once you have activated the Migration Tool add-on, please go to the following location.

Masteriyo > Tools > Migration


Here, you can select the LMS plugin from which you want to migrate the data into Masteriyo LMS plugin. Once selected, click on Migrate. Now, the data on the chosen LMS will be migrated.

For example, create a sample course on any other LMS plugin and use the Masteriyo Migrate feature. You will then find the course have been migrated to Masteriyo > Courses.

All the content of the courses including lessons and quizzes will be automatically migrated.Similarly, the other data that are migrated are order details and reviews.


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Last edited on July 15, 2024.
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