EDD Integration

EDD Integration allows to enroll users using EDD(Easy Digital Downloads) checkout process and payment methods.


  1. Masteriyo Pro Plugins
  2. Easy Digital Downloads Plugin
  3. EDD Integration Add-on

Setup and Configuration

Once you have installed and activated the above mentioned plugins/add-ons, you can follow the steps below for the integration.

  • Go to Downloads > Settings > Payments > Checkout.


  • Enable Require Login
  • Select an option at Show Register/Login Form as per your need.

Creating Downloads for Masteriyo Courses

  • Go to Downloads > Downloads
  • Click on Add New

Now, you will have to link the Masteriyo course with this download. To do this, click on Is Masteriyo Course. Select the desired course and set the price. Make sure the price is set exactly same as the course's price.


Now, you can add this download to your desired section in your site and let the user purchase the course via this download. Once the payment in completed for this download, the users will automatically be enrolled to the mapped course. You can unenroll users based on EDD order status via the Masteriyo settings. For this, go to the following location.

Masteriyo > Settings > Integration > Easy Digital Downloads


Select the EDD order status for which the users will be unenrolled from the courses.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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