Want to make your courses more interesting? Enabling Assignments you can create and assign tasks to the students.

How to Use?


  1. Install Masteriyo Pro
  2. Enable the Assignment Add-on
  3. Go to your Dashboard and navigate Mastyeriyo-> Courses
  4. Select and Edit the course to which you want to add an Assignment
  5. Navigate Builder->Add New Content -> Add New Assignment
  6. Add the followig details and Publish the Assignment
  • Name: Your Assignment Name
  • Description: Description for an Assignment
  • Total Points: Total points for an Assignment
  • Pass Points: Minimum point required for the student to pass an Assignment
  • Due Date: Time duration for Assignment, leave blank for an unlimited duration
  • Maximum File Upload Size: Maximum file size limit for an Assignment in MB. Set 0 for unlimited size
  1. Click on Update to Save Settings

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Last edited on February 28, 2024.
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