WooCommerce Subscription Support

This documentation reflects the compatability of the Masteriyo plugin with WooCommerce Subscription.


  1. Install Masteriyo Pro
  2. Activate WooCommerce.
  3. Activate the WooCommerce Subscription Add-on


Create a Recurring/Subscription based course

Once you have activated the above mentioned plugins/add-ons, you will need to create a course or edit an existing code so that this course has a recurring payment option. For this, go to Courses > Edit a Course > Settings > Pricing and set a recurring price.


Create a WooCommerce product based on above course

Now, you will need to create a WC product based on the above course. For this, go to Products > Add New.

Make sure the product description like name and pricing is similar to the course you are basing this product with.

On the Product Data box, you will need to select Masteriyo Course as the Product Type.


You will see the options related to Masteriyo Course on the Product Data box. Select the course you have created/edited on the first step.


After this, on the General Tab, set the pricing and subscription as per the course. Make sure the pricing and the time period is exact to the course.


The integration is now set between the WooCommerce Subscription and the Masteriyo Course. You can go to the Courses page and buy a subscription for this course.


Click on Buy Now. You will now be redirected to the WooCommerce product page for the product you just created. You can Sign Up for the course from here.


This will let you checkout via WooCommerce and create a WooCommerce Subscription. Once you have completed the purchase, you can go to Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Subscriptions and find the new subscription.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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