How to configure caching plugins?

When using caching plugins, the below mentioned pages are frequently already excluded. Otherwise, ensure that these pages are excluded from the cache via your caching system's settings.

  • Account
  • Learn
  • Checkout
  • Instructor Registration

Below, you will find the instruction to remove these pages from the cache for a few top caching plugins.

WP Rocket

The Masteriyo plugin is compatible with the WP Rocket. Please make sure that the above-mentioned pages are excluded from the cache.
For this, navigate to Dashboard -> Pages -> Account -> Check on Never cache this page on the WP Rocket Sidebar Menu.

Account Page

We suggest you to avoid JS files minification from the WP Rocket -> Settings -> File Optimization.

Minify JS for WP Rocket

You can also use an alternative method for avoiding the desired pages from cache. This method also helps you to add bulk URLs for multiple pages. For this, go to Settings -> WP Rocket -> Advanced Rules. Add the desired page URLs on the Never Cache URLs input option.

WP Rocket Advanced Rules

WP Super Cache

The Masteriyo is compatible with WP Super Cache. Please make sure that the above-mentioned pages are excluded from the cache by placing the corresponding endpoints here WP Admin -> Settings -> WP Super Cache -> Advanced.


Lite Speed Cache

If you are using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, follow the steps below.

  • Go to LiteSpeed Cache > Cache > Cache.
  • Turn off the Cache Logged-in Users.


  • Go to LiteSpeed Cache > Excludes
  • On the Do not Cache URLs add the following: /account/$ /learn/$ /checkout/$ /instructor-registration/$


Excluding Masteriyo Session From The Cache

If the caching system you’re using offers database caching, it might be helpful to exclude masteriyo_sessions from being cached. This will be dependent on the plugin or host caching so refer to the specific instructions or docs for that system.

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Last edited on July 15, 2024.
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