Free Add-Ons

Find the documentation for the free add-ons.

Beaver Builder Integration

Create courses pages for Masteriyo with Beaver Builder with the help of this add-on.


WooCommerce Integration Addon for Masteriyo allows the user to use WooCommerce for the checkout process and plethora of payment methods provided by the WooCommerce to sell courses.

Elementor Integration

How to build courses using the Elementor?

Divi Builder Integration

How to build courses using the Divi Builder?

Oxygen Builder Integration

How to build courses using the Oxygen Builder?

Revenue Sharing

Effortlessly set up and customize revenue sharing agreements with instructors, providing a fair and transparent way to reward their hard work and dedications.

GamiPress Integration

This add-ons help you integrate the GamiPress features like points, achievements, ranks into the Masteriyo plugin.

Open AI ChatGPT Integration

This feature helps you to integrate the Open AI ChatGPT that helps you to create a course with an AI.

Course Announcements

How to configure the Course Announcements add-on?

User Registration Integration

This add-ons help you integrate the User Registration plugin's features with the Masteriyo plugin.

Migration Tool

This add-on helps you effortlessly migrate data from various LMS platforms to Masteriyo with the Masteriyo Migration Tool.

SCORM Compliant

Seamlessly integrates SCORM, optimizing e-learning by enabling efficient content management and tracking for enhanced user experiences.

Google Classroom Integration

A feature that allows teachers to share engaging activities and content with their class directly within Google Classroom.

Lemon Squeezy Integration

Lemon Squeezy Integration sales platform with Masteriyo to sell and manage your courses with ease.

Group Course

Group Course functionality enables the allocation of courses to a collective audience and facilitates the commercial sale of these educational programs to organizations, as an example.

Bricks Integration

Equip your Bricks editor with Masteriyo elements. Add components like course lists and categories to any page/post.

Download Material

Learn how to add materials on courses. With this feature, you can add unlimited lesson materials and gives students quick access to download or preview these materials.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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