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  • Country - Select the country where your store is based on. Other Address Fields For the Store
  • State
  • City
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2



  • Currency - Select the currency you want to use for the courses.
  • Currency Position - Select the position(left/right) to display the currency symbol.
  • Thousand Separator - Set a character for the number places.
  • Decimal Separator - Set a character for decimal numbers.
  • Number of Decimals - Set the decimal number place.

Standard Paypal


  • Enable - Enable this option to use the Paypal payment method.
    • Title - Write the title of the payment for it to be seen in the Checkout page.
    • Description - Describe the payment method.
    • IPN Email Notification - Enable this to send a notification when IPN is received from Paypal.
    • Paypal Email - Email used in your paypal account.
    • Receiver Email - If your main Paypal email is different from the above entered email, set it here.
    • Identity Token - Add the identity token. An identity token in PayPal is a unique alphanumeric code used for secure authentication and integration with third-party applications or services.
    • Invoice Prefix - Provide a prefix for the invoice.
    • Payment Actions - Select either Capture or Authorize as the payment actions.
    • Image URl - URL for a 150x50px image to be displayed on the checkout page as the logo.
    • Debug Log - Enable this option to store debug logs.
    • Sandbox - Enable this if you want to use test/sandbox account.
    • Live API username
    • Live API password
    • Live API Signature

Offline Payments


  • Enable - Enable this option to use offline payment method during checkout.
    • Title - Provide the title to the offline payment.
    • Description - Describe the offline payment method.
    • Instruction - Specify if you have any instructions required.



  • Enable - Enable this option to use the Stripe payment method.
    • Title - Provide the title to the Stripe payment.
    • Description - Describe the payment method.
    • Sandbox - Enable this option if you want to use the sandbox/test Stripe payment.
    • Test Publishable Key - Get you API credentials from Stripe and add the test publishable key here.
    • Test Secret Key - Add the test secret key from the Stripe here.
    • Webhook Secret Key - Get your webhook secret key from Stipe and add here.
    • Webhook Endpoint - Add the given endpoint to your Stripe webhook endpoint list to verify the payment status.

Checout Fields


You can enable any of the available fields to display them on the checkout form.

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