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  • Course Page - Select the page where you want to show all the courses collectively.
  • Learn Page - Select the learn page.
  • Account Page - Select the page for the user's account.
  • Checkout Page - Select the page to redirect the users for checkout.
  • Instructor Registration Page - Select the page for the instructors to register.
  • Thankyou Page - Select a page to be set as Course Thankyou Page. This page shows thank you page if course has been completed by students. thank-you-page
  • Instructors List Page - Select a page to be set as instructors list page. This page shows the list of instructors. The page should contain [masteriyo_instructor_list]



  • Primary Color - Select the color that matches your brand/site.
  • Primary Color for Learn Page - Select the color to reflect on the Learn Page.
  • Button Color - Select the color to appear on the buttons.

Course Access


  • Enable Course Content Access - Allow admin and instructors to access course contents without enrolling.
  • Restrict Instructors - Allow instructors to view only their contents.



  • Enable Student Registration - Show/hide student registration page in your site.
  • Enable Instructor Registration - Show/hide instructor registration page.
  • Enable Guest Checkout - Allow non-registered users to checkout and create an account during the process.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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