Advanced Settings

Location: Masteriyo > Settings > Advanced




Here you can set the permalinks for different pages as shown in the above image.

Checkout Endpoints


Add a unique endpoint for each of the functions related to the checkout like order, pay, etc.



This section is meant for the developers and is for testing purposes only. Do not enable this on a live site.

  • Template Debug - Enable this option for template debugging.
  • Debug - Enable this for the plugin debugging.

Uninstall Masteriyo


If you enable this option, all the data of the Masteriyo plugin will be deleted from your site when you uninstall the plugin.



Enable this option to allow us to track the environment in which you use the Masteriyo plugin. The tracking feature will track only the non-sensitive data.

Wanna know which data are shared?



Please make sure you have selected the Privacy Policy page from Admin Dashboard > Settings > Privacy. Also, the page must be in published status.

Enable this feature to make sure the user's consent is taken in consideration to know if they have read the privacy policy of your site or not. This makes the plugin GDPR compliant.

AI Integrations


To integrate AI into the Masteriyo, you will need OPEN AI API to be entered here.

Wanna know more about AI Integration?

Email Verification


Toggle this option to enable/disable email verification on your website.

QR Login


Enable this option to allow users to generate and use QR codes to login to their account without having to enter their credentials.

Once enabled, go to Account Page > Profile. On the top-right, you will find the option called Login QR.


Click on this option to generate a login QR.


Click on Generate QR to create a QR for your account login. You can delete the QR or regenerate it as well from here.

Login Session


With this option, you can set the maximum number of places from where the users can log in to their account. For example, if you set this as 1, the user will only be able to log in to their account from one device/browser at a time. If they try logging in simultaneously, they will get the following notice.


Note: The 0 indicates there are no limits in the session.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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