The Webhooks feature lets you send data to an external URL when any action occurs on the Masteriyo plugin's components.

Masteriyo > Webhooks

Add New Webhooks

To add a new webhook, go to Masteriyo > Webhooks > Add New Webhook.


Once you click on the Add New Webhook, you will get the following window.


  • Webhook Name - Provide a name to the Webhook.

  • Description - Describe the purpose of the Webhook.

  • Status(Active) - Enable this if you want to make the Webhook active.

  • Delivery URL - Enter the URL where you want to send the data.

  • Events - Lets you select the desired event for sending the data. There are various events available. webhook-events

    • Quiz Attempt Status Change - Whenever the status of the Quiz is changed, for example, completed, pending etc, this event is triggered.

    • New question in a course - When a new question is posted on the course, this event is triggered.

      Note: The Event will vary for the admin and the instructors.

Secret(Optional) - This helps you identify if the data has been altered by a malicious third-party system before it reaches its destination.

After you have filled all of the required information, you can click on Create to save the webhook.

Note: If you logged in as an instructor and create a webhook, the webhook will be triggered for the events that are done by that individual instructor only.

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Last edited on February 28, 2024.
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