Courses Shortcode

Courses Shortcode

With the help of this shortcode you can show a list of courses anywhere in your site as you like.

The default shortcode is: [masteriyo_courses]

This will display all the free and premium courses in 3 columns format. It will show 12 courses if available in total by default.

However, there are more attributes via which you will have some control on what set of courses you want to show.


  1. Category: Default value is none. You can add the slug of any course and it will show the courses of that particular slug.
  2. Columns: Default value is 3. You can choose the columns value ranging from 1 to 4, as Masteriyo supports upto 4 columns while showing the courses.
  3. Count: Default value is 12. You can set any number as you like and it will show that number of courses.
  4. Category: Write the name of the category. The courses under this category will only be shown in that page.
  5. per_page: You can create a showcase of the courses on a page and set the number of courses to appear per slide.
  6. order: Set ASC for ascending and DESC for descending order.
  7. show_pagination: 'on' for enabling pagination, and 'off' for disabling.


  1. Shortcode: [masteriyo_courses columns=4 count=4 category="art"]

  2. Shortcode: [masteriyo_courses columns=2 count=4]

  3. Shortocde: [masteriyo_courses count="6" columns="3" category="photography" per_page="4" order="DESC" orderby="date" show_pagination="on"]

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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