Complete Course Creation

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to create and publish a course in Masteriyo plugin.

Creating a Course

  • Navigate to the Dashboard Menu Masteriyo -->Courses and click Add New Course.

Add New Course

  • A new course builder interface will appear. In the Course Name, enter a suitable name for your course.
  • Add a short description of the course in the Course Description editor. You can also style the description, add links and media in the description editor.

Course Name

  • On the right-hand side, enter the main features of the course in the Course Highlights box. You can enter the main highlighted features of the course in bullet points. Course highlights will be shown on the course listing page.
  • Just below the Course Highlight comes the Categories. You can select a category from the dropdown if you already have a category. If not, you can create a new one by clicking on Add New Category.
  • Click Add Featured Image to add an image for the course.


  • Click Next button on the top right corner to go to the next interface which is a Builder area.

You can simply click the publish button, and it will publish the course but without any content. So let's add some content to the course.

Adding New Section

Each course can be divided into sections. Sections are nothing but a group of Lessons. Grouping lessons into different sections is an excellent way to make a course easier to navigate and give your student a quick overview.

  • Click Add New Section in the builder area.


  • Give the name to the section in Section Name field and Click Add.


Adding New Lesson

Once you add a new section, you will be directed to a new interface where you can add Lessons.

  • Click on Add New Content, which will present two option Add New Lesson and Add New Quiz.
  • Click on Add New Lesson. A new interface for adding lesson will be shown.


  • Give your lesson a name in the Lesson Name field.
  • Add a short description of the lesson in the Lesson Description editor.
  • If you like to have a featured image for the lesson then click on Add Featured Image and upload the image.


  • Now, if you have a video for the lesson, you can add it. Currently, Masteriyo supports videos from 3 different sources Youtube, Vimeo and Self hosted. If you select Youtube or Vimeo you will be presented with a field to enter the video URL. If you select Self Hosted in Video Source, you can upload video clicking on Add Video Link.


  • Once all the details are filled. Cick on Add New Lesson
  • Well done, you have successfully published your first Lesson. Now follow the exact same steps to add other lessons.
  • Once complete, click on Publish button in the top right corner to publish the course.


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Last edited on February 01, 2023.
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