Stripe Payment Gateway

You can sell online courses and accept credit card payments via Stripe. It also supports major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards, etc.

How to Use?


  1. Install Masteriyo Pro
  2. Activate the Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on

After activating the Stripe Payment Gateway add-on, login into your Stripe dashboard and copy the Standard Keys, Published Keys, and Secret Keys; then, follow the below steps:

Note: Want to know how to create and copy your API keys? Check this documentation.

  1. Go to your Dashboard, navigate->Masteriyo-> Settings
  2. Click on Payments->Stripe-> Enable

After enabling the button, you'll need to set up the following options:

  1. Sandbox: If you want to test your Stripe account, enable this button to test it. However, if your website is live and you've added your live key to your Stripe account, you don't need to enable it.
  2. Live Publishable Key: Paste the Published key that you've copied earlier from your Stripe dashboard
  3. Live Secret Key: Paste the Secret key that you've copied from your Stripe dashboard
  4. Webhook Secret Key: Paste your Webhook Secret Key that you've copied
  5. Webhook Endpoint: It notifies you when an event happens in your account
  6. Click on Save Settings

For auto completion of the Stripe payment, you must link the webhook on your Stripe account.

  1. Please go to your Dashboard-> Masteriyo-> Settings-> Payments-> Stripe-> At the bottom, you will find the Webhook Endpoint-> Copy the Webhook.
  2. Now login to your Stripe official account and go to the Developers-> Webhook-> Click on Add an Endpoint-> Paste the Endpoint URL copied earlier.
  3. After pasting the webhook, you must select an Event before adding an Endpoint. Click on the select Event you will get multiple dropdown options-> Select the Payment Intent-> Select all Payment Intents Events.
  4. Now you can add endpoints and save. The automatic payment completion will be work.

iDeal Support

Now, the Stripe payments for Masteriyo also supports iDeal payment. To enable this, go to:

Masteriyo > Settings > Payments > Stripe


Enable the iDeal Payments option and you are good to go. Now, the users will be able to pay via iDeal.

Make sure your Stripe account is activated.


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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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