Zoom Integration

Our Zoom integration simplifies the virtual classroom experience by allowing instructors to schedule and launch meetings directly from the platform. Students can access the virtual classroom, participate in live sessions, and interact with their peers and instructors in real-time, all within the Masteriyo plugin.

Setup and Configuration

Note: This add-on is available from the GROWTH plan only.

Getting credentials from the Zoom


  • Now, navigate to Develop > Build app


  • Find Server-to-server OAuth and click on Create.


  • Provide the app-name


Now, you will be able to find the necessary credentials to integrate the Zoom with the Masteriyo. Copy these details in a clipboard.


After getting the credentials, you will have to provide access to the Zoom app for the integration. Simply, click Continue to move forward. Now, provide necessary information like Company Name, developer's name and email and click Continue.


Now, move to the Scope section and click on Add Scope. Here, you will have to add the required scopes related to the Meeting, Webinar and Recording. We have added all the scopes under Meeting, Webinar and Recording.


Meeting Scopes

Click on Continue and then click on Activate your app.


You wil have to set the time zone from your Profile on the Zoom to make this integration work. For this, log in to your account and go to your profile. You will find an option called Time Zone. Click on the Edit button and set your time zone and save the changes.


Now the Zoom app is ready to be integrated with the Masteriyo and host meetings as per your need.

Integrating Credentials to Masteriyo

Once you have created and activated the Zoom App, you will have to add the given Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret to the Masteriyo plugin to host Zoom Meetings. For this, navigate to Masteriyo > Zoom > Setting and add the required credentials.

adding IDs

Now, click on Update.

Adding Zoom Meeting on a Course

After the setup is completed, you can add Zoom Meetings on the courses you have created. For this, go to the Course Builder, on the Builder tab, you need to add a new section. Name the section as you want and click on Add.


Now, add a new content and select Add new Zoom Meeting.

add new zoom meeting

After this, you will see a meeting builder where you will have to enter the meeting's title, starting date and time and duration at first.

meeting builder

You can now Publish the meeting.

Please note that there are various other option that you can set in the meeting builder area. These options are as described below.

  • Join Before Host - Enable this to allow the meeting attendee to attend the meeting before the host joins.
  • Participant Video - Enable this to allow attendees to engage and contribute during the meeting.
  • Focus Mode - Enable this to allow attendee to conceal additional notifications and eliminate distractions.
  • Mute Upon Entry - Enable this to mute the attendee when they join the meeting.
  • Close Registration - Enable this to prevent registrations after the event date/meeting date.
  • Recording Storage - You can either store the recorded meeting on your local storage or use cloud service.
  • Meeting Password - Set a password, if required, for your meeting.

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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