This information is related to your store or business.

  • Country
    Select your country.

  • State
    Select your state.

  • City
    Select your city.

  • Address Line 1
    Add your address as needed.

  • Address Line 2
    Add your address as needed.


Settings related to currency used in purchases.

  • Currency
    Choose the currency.

  • Currency Position
    Choose the positon of currency symbol where you want it to appear with respect to amount value.

  • Thousand Separator
    Choose the appropriate symbol as thousand separator.

  • Decimal Separator Choose the appropriate symbol as decimal separator.

  • Number of Decimals
    Choose the number of digits to appear after decimal.

Standard PayPal

This guide will walk you through a step-by-step method for setting up a PayPal account. Setting up a PayPal account allows users to subscribe to your premium courses. So, first, you need to create a premium course. If you don’t know how to create one, check out our documentation, Complete Course Creation.
Now follow the below steps for setting up your PayPal account.

Enable Paypal

  • Navigate Masteriyo->Settings->Payments.
  • Click on the Standard PayPal option and turn on Enable button.


Setting up PayPal Account

After enabling the button, you'll need to set up the following options:

  • Description
    You can give users an overview of the payment methods they will see during checkout.

  • IPN Email Notification You can receive notifications related to transactional events such as refunds, cancellations, and charge-back.

  • PayPal Email
    The most important thing to configure before accepting payments is to enter your email address in the PayPal Email field. The email address on your PayPal Business account must be the same.

  • Receiver Email The Receiver email address in that field must be the same as the Primary email address listed on the settings page. Get your receviver email from here.

  • Payment Actions
    Here, you must select the Capture option from the drop-down menu.

  • Sandbox
    You can Enable this option to test your PayPal account and see whether it's functioning properly or not. However, if your website is live and you've added your live key of PayPal account, then, you don't need to enable it.

  • Live API Username
    You can get it from your PayPal.

  • Live API Password
    You can get it from your PayPal.

  • Live API Signature
    You can get it from your PayPal.

    Once you have made all changes, don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button.


Note: You can leave the rest of the options as it is. You only need to set up the above options to configure your PayPal account.

Offline Payment

Settings related to PayPal if you using PayPal for receiving payments.

  • Enable
    Enable if you want to get payments offline.

    Note: All other related options will appear just below this option once you enable it.

  • Title
    Title of the payment method that user sees during the checkout procees. By default it's set to Offline Payment. However, you can change it to any other title if you want to.

  • Description
    Description of the payment method that user sees during the checkout process.

  • Instructions
    If you want to provide any detailed instruction on how your users are supposed to make the offline payment, please add that here.

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Last edited on November 17, 2022.
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