WooCommerce Integration Addon for Masteriyo allows the user to use WooCommerce for the checkout process and plethora of payment methods provided by the WooCommerce to sell courses.


  • WooCommerce to be installed and activated.


  • Allows to use WooCommerce checkout process to enroll users.
  • Allows to use abundant of WooCommerce payment gateways.
  • Allow to use WooCommerce analytics.

WooCommerce Configuration

  • [Mandatory] Uncheck Allow customers to place orders without an account
  • [Mandatory] Check Allow customers to log into an existing account during checkout WooCommerce configuration!
  • [Optional] Check Redirect to the cart page after successful addition to provide seemless flow similar to Masteriyo checkout. Redirect to cart page!

How to use?

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce plugin.

  2. Activate WooCommerce Integration for Masteriyo Addon. Activate WooCommerce Integration Addon For Masteriyo!

  3. Create a paid course in Masteriyo. Create new course! Create course with price!

  4. Create a product in WooCommerce with same as course price and Masteriyo Course product type. Create product with Masteriyo course!

  5. Select a course you want to associate the product with from the Course tab. Note: only Draft, Published and Paid courses are shown in the dropdown list. Associate product with course!

  6. Goto the courses page and click on the buy button. The associated product will be added to the cart. Buy course! Single product page!

  7. Follow WooCommerce checkout process and use Cash on Delivery as payment option for now. Select other payment option if you have configured. WooCommerce cart page! WooCommerce checkout page! WooCommerce thank you page!

  8. Goto courses page as you can see you are still unable to start the course, because the order is not completed. Unable to start course!

  9. Goto orders page and change order status to Completed Change order status!

  10. Goto courses page, now you can start the course. Start course

Unenrollment process

By default, whenever the WooCommerce order is of the following types Cancelled, Refunded and Failed, the user is unenrolled from the course. You can change the unenrollment statuses from the global settings page. Change unenrollment status!

WooCommerce Subscription Support

Masteriyo plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription extension.



  • Go to Masteriyo > Courses.
  • Go to Course Editor of the required course.
  • Go to Settings > Pricing.
  • Set the pricing as 'Paid'.
  • Enable 'Recurring' and determine the recurring sum and time period.


Once the recurring payment is set for the course, you can now set this course as a WooCommerce Product. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Products > Add New
  • Provide a name to the product. Make sure to match it with the course.
  • On the Product Data meta box, select Masteriyo Course as the Product type.


Now, you will see a Course and a General tab on this meta box. On the Course tab you can select the course for which you have set the recurring payments.


On the General tab, you need to set the same amount for the recurring fee as well as the same recurring time period just as the one you have set for the course above.


Once you have done this, when the user enrolls to the course, there subscription will be created in the WooCommerce > subscriptions. You can manage the subscription from there.

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Last edited on December 07, 2023.
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