To Change the Content of Demos

How to Change the Content of Demos?

If you've already imported one of the eLearning demos and are willing to modify and customize some of its contents for your site, then you can easily do it with Customizer.

If you're not aware of eLearning demo import, go through the following articles:

Import free demos:


After successfully importing the demo, you may wish to change the content of the pages, header, footer, etc. All of these can be done through the Customizer.

To access the WordPress Customizer, navigate to Appearance > Customize from your WordPress dashboard. You will be taken directly to the Customizer interface, with your site preview on the right and the Customizer menu on the left. From here, you can choose the options you like from the Customizer.

The eLearning Theme provides various options to customize your site and make it look impressive. It includes the options to customize each section of the site, which consists of the header, footer, menu, and a lot more.

To see how each section is customized, as well as the options provided by this theme in detail, go through the following links:

  • Global

  • Header

  • Content

  • Footer

  • Menus

  • Additional CSS

It is shown in the image below:

eLearning Demo with Customizer Option

If you want to change the content and design of your site's pages and posts differently, then you can use Page Settings to customize them instead.

Page Settings

Page settings allow you to change the contents and layouts of each site's pages. For most of the pages, you'll get the default page settings that work the same for all the pages. However, you may want the settings to be different from the default. This is where the individual page settings come into play.

If you need to change the settings or design of the individual page, you can edit that particular page and customize the page.

This was done by adding a different background image to the page header of each page as instructed here:

Location: WordPress Dashboard > Pages > All Pages

The Page Settings option can be found in the page editor section when editing a page. Select the Page which you want to customize and navigate to the Page Settings option available at the bottom of the selected page.

eLearning theme provides you with a number of options under Page Settings. Go through the following links below to view the page settings options in detail.

  • General

  • Header

  • Primary Menu

  • Page Header

Individual Page Settings Options


eLearning theme is compatible with almost all page builders. However, most of the eLearning demos are based on Elementor. In this case, you can customize the pages with Elementor.

To get started with Elementor, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. After that, to navigate to the Elementor Editor Page, follow the steps as suggested below:

  • From your dashboard, Go to Pages > All Pages and Choose the required Page, and click Edit with Elementor.


  • Go to the front side of your site, choose the required Page, and click Edit with Elementor.

Once you are on Elementor Editor Page, you can easily edit any of the sections of your page.

If you want to know in detail about editing pages. Visit How to edit Elementor pages in the eLearning Theme?

It is shown in the image below:

Editing the pages with Elementor

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Last edited on May 22, 2024.
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