How to create a Category?

How to create a Category?

Add New Category #

It is very important to categories your courses for your different types of studies. Go to your Dashboard >> Masteriyo >> Categories >> Add New Category >> Add Name, Slug, and Description of the category. You can click Create button to create the category for your courses.

Name: This is where you can enter the name of the category. This is how the category name will appear on the website.
Slug: This is a URL-friendly version of the category name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
Description: This is a text field that allows you to add a description of the category. This is particularly helpful in understanding what each of the categories is about.

Displaying Courses Categories via shortcode  #

The masteriyo_course_categories shortcode allows you to list the courses categories. Along with this shortcode it has three different arguments such as columns, count, and hide_courses_count. These arguments can be used within the  masteriyo_course_categories   shortcode to display maximum number of course count, number of columns, and to show or hide the courses count section.

Please find the following categories shortcodes example with its attributes.

[masteriyo_course_categories columns=3 count=8 hide_courses_count=no]

Categories Arguments #

  • columns: ​The default value is “4”, you can change the number of the columns according to your requirements.
  • count: The default value is “12”, you can change the number of the courses count according to your requirements.
  • hide_courses_count: The default value is “no”. You can change to “yes” if you don’t want to hide the courses count.
How to create a Category?

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