How to add Courses?

How to add Courses?

In order to create a courses, go to the Courses sub menu of the Masteriyo and do a click on it, you will be redirected to the page where you can add a new courses.

Add New Course #

After you click on the “Add New Course” button at the top right, you will find a page where you can define the Course Name, Course Description, Course Highlights, Categories and Feature Image.

  • Course Name: Under the Course Name section, define the course name that you are planning to create using the Masteriyo Plugin.
  • Course Description: Under the Course Description section, describe in a details about the course.
  • Course Highlight: Under the Couse Highlight section, define the major highlight of the course.
  • Category: Under the category section, define the course category if necessary.
  • Feature Image: Under the Feature Image, insert the feature image for your defined course.

After the Course has been created successfully, now you are safe to go the next steps to create Lesson and Quizzes.

Course Builder #

Before creating a new lesson and quiz, you have to create a new section, so don’t forgot to click on the ” Add New Section” button. You will be redirected to the page where you can give the Section Name and Section Description under where you have to create a lesson and quiz.

After creating a section and clicking on the “Add” button now you are fully ready to create a new Lesson and Quiz under the defined section. You can create multiple section as per you requirements by simply clicking on “Add New section“.

To do so, you will find the section under the Builder to add the new content. New Content includes the Lesson and Quiz. Given screenshot makes you more clear.

Add New Lesson #

To create a new lesson, you have to add the following information.

  • Lesson Name: Under the Lesson Name section, define the name of the lesson.
  • Lesson Description: Under the Lesson Description section, describe in a details about the lesson.
  • Feature Image: Under the Feature Image, insert the feature image for your defined course.
  • Video source: You can add the video lesson as well, so that it would more productive to understand the lesson on depth.

You can add number of lesson as per your requirements as there is no limit to create the lesson.

Add New Quiz #

You can create a Quizzes using the Masteriyo Plugin. To create a quiz, there are 3 main settings and they are:

Info #

Under the Info settings, you have to give the Quiz Name and the Quiz Description. After that, don’t forget to click on the “Add New Quiz” button.

  • Quiz Name: Under the Quiz Name section, define the name of the Quiz.
  • Quiz Description: Under the Quiz Description section, describe in a details about the Quiz.

Questions #

In order to make the quiz question you have the following settings.

  • Question Name: Write the Name of the question for quiz.
  • Question Type: You have the option to select the type of question. For now we do support: True and False, Single Choice, Multiple Choice and Short Answer.
  • Point: The number/ point that is carried by respective quiz question that you have created.
  • Question Description: In this section, describe the question in details if it is necessary.
  • Answer: According to the question type the answer will be presented. For Example, If you choose the True or False. Then you have an option to choose between true or false. And for the Multiple choice or single choice you have to write the answer on the options and don’t forgot to tick on the right answer.
    As an example for the single choice, below is the screenshots that will provide a clear concept.

Settings #

Settings are categories into two part. One is General and next is Display.

General #

General setting of the quiz includes:

  • Full Marks: Total Marks for the quiz. You can set as per your requirements.
  • Pass Marks: The minimum marks needed to pass an Quiz session.
  • Duration: You can set the duration of time to attempts the quiz session.
  • Attempts Allowed: Number of chance to attempts the quiz answer.
Display #

Display setting is for the display of the question per page. You can display question per page that is set in your global setting or you can overwrite the global setting and do from here.

Individual Course setting #

Under the Individual Course setting, there are mainly three things that you can configure.

  • General
  • Display
  • Pricing


In the general setting, you can set the Course level, Duration, and Maximum Limit.

  • Course Level: In the course level, you can define the level of the course like: Expert, Intermediate and Beginner.
  • Duration: In duration, You can set the duration of time, that the respective lesson need to be completed.
  • Maximum Students: In maximum students, you have both the option available, i.e you can define the limit of the students to enroll the course or you have an option not to limit the students to enroll the courses.

Display #

In the display setting, you can configure the display of the curriculum. To do so, we do have a two ways.

  • Always Visible: If you choose “Always Visible” then curriculum will be visible without enrolling the courses.
  • Only Visible to Enrollers: If you choose “Only Visible to Enrollers” then curriculum will be visible only after enrolling the courses.

Pricing #

In the LMS plugin, you have an option to create free as well as paid courses. Currently, with the paid course, we do support one-time payment only.
You can set the price of the lesson under the one-time payment section. Given screenshot makes you more clear about the pricing option of the LMS plugin.

How to add Courses?

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